SURA Asset Management is Latin America’s largest non-banking manager of financial assets, and the leader in the pensions industry in the region. SURA Asset Management is a company that specializes in pensions, savings, asset management, and investment, and is present in México, El Salvador, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Uruguay.
Our biggest shareholder, Grupo SURA, together with Grupo Bolívar and CDPQ, give us the confidence to continue working to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves in the medium and long terms, always with a focus on sustainability and keeping our value promise to all stakeholders.
Although SURA Asset Management was established in 2011, we have a history of over 30 years in the financial industry through the companies that operate in each country. 
We have a BBB+ rating from Fitch Ratings and a Baa1 rating from Moody´s, which show our strong credit profile and our leadership in the region. This allows us to guarantee our strength to our clients and keep a good business outlook. 


Current issues

SURA  Asset Management S.A. and its affiliate SUAM Finance B.V. successfully placed ordinary bonds in the international capital market during 2017 and 2014 respectively. Those are currently outstanding.