Protección is the best company to work for young professional women in Colombia

Protección is the best company to work for young professional women in Colombia
  • Protección has been recognized as the number one best company for young women according to FirstJob’s EFY Fem 2023 study.
  • This study surveyed more than 4,300 young women and it highlights companies that offer an inclusive and fair work environment.
  • Among the dimensions evaluated in the research were work-life balance, professional development opportunities and inclusive organizational culture.}

Medellin, 26 March 2024. In a significant milestone for gender equality and commitment to professional development, Protección was highlighted as the leading company in the top 20 best companies for young professional women in Colombia, as revealed by the third edition of FirstJob’s latest Employers For Youth (EFY) Fem study.

This research, that counted with the participation of more than 4,300 young women, highlights companies that, in addition to offering excellent career opportunities, also promote an inclusive and fair work environment. 

"At Protección, we deeply value talent and diversity in our teams. We are committed to providing an environment where everyone, regardless of gender, can thrive and reach their full potential. For us, being recognized as the best company for young women professionals in Colombia is not only an achievement, but a reflection of our commitment to equal opportunities. This recognition encourages us to continue advancing on our path towards gender equity", said Cristina Restrepo, vice president of Protección Human Talent.

The findings of the EFY Fem Colombia 2023 study provide a detailed overview of the preferences and experiences of 18 to 35-year-old professionals in Colombia, and, in addition, offer valuable details about what female talent values in today’s world of work, considering key dimensions such as work-life balance, career development opportunities, promoting an inclusive organizational culture, working environment and corporate reputation.

Protección has strengthened the development of talent, generating highly motivated teams committed to the superior purpose of the Company to accompany the financial well-being of Colombians, the democratization of innovation and technology, a culture of mentor leadership, high levels of well-being and work balance, as well as an inclusive view not only of gender but also of the complementarity of collaborators from different areas of training and in different life cycles. To date, the company has 56% of women in leadership positions and of the total company, 64.5% of employees are women.

“The development and evolution of our talent is a priority at Protección, so 42% of job opportunities within the organization were covered in the last year with internal talent and 7,5 out of 10 leadership positions were filled by individuals identified within the key and diverse talent matrix.  This demonstrates our commitment to accompany the professional and personal growth of our teams”, adds Restrepo.

With this recognition, Protection reinforces the ongoing commitment to creating a workplace where diversity is promoted, inclusion is celebrated and all individual contributions are valued, with tangible actions that promote a fair and enriching working environment for all its employees.


About Protección 

Protección S.A. is an expert in savings and investment company, has 30 years of experience in the management of resources for more than 130 billion pesos from 8.3 million clients of the Compulsory, Voluntary and Redundancy Pension funds and more than 73 thousand pensioners. The Company has transcended its category, dynamizing the focus of its business in the management of assets destined to compulsory pensions and redundancies, to take it to the next level involving the mobilization and management of savings to be an ally of their stakeholders with the purpose of accompanying them in the fulfillment of their dreams and building their future. 

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