Fitch Ratings Colombia S.A. rates Protección's investment administration as Excellent

Fitch Ratings Colombia S.A. rates Protección's investment administration as Excellent
  • The international credit rating agency Fitch Ratings ratified the national investment management quality rating of the pension and severance administration fund Protección S.A. as Excellent.
  • This Rating reflects the outstanding investment process at Protección, Its solid governance structure, models and methods and the expertise of its human talent in regard to risks and investments.  


Bogotá, Colombia, 27 of October 2023 Fitch Ratings ratified the national quality rating of the severance and pension fund administrator Protección S.A as Excellent.  Said Ranking applies to the administration of mandatory and voluntary pensions, severances, and also passive pensions in Colombia, whose underlying are financial assets.


This Scoring of Excellence is thanks to the outstanding investment process carried out by Protección, which includes the best practices in the market, backed by a differential technological platform, a solid governance structure and internal control, models and robust methods for risk management that are constantly improving. Likewise, the participation of a human team from the investment department with knowledge, ample experience, and notable stability. The rating also reflects, the positioning of the administrator in the sector and the strengthening trust relationships with shareholders with recognition both nationally and regionally.


The scoring of Protección is based on the evaluation of each category: Investment process, investment resources, risk management, company and client service and consistent investment performance. In addition, it was highlighted in the administrator the level of automation of various phases of investment flow done by having the Aladdin and Mitra systems, as well as the internal integration of the applications.


This recognition validates the commitment that we assume at Protección with having excellence in the management of investments and it reflects the positive impact that our operative, strategic and sustainability practices, which will allow us to contribute towards the development of the nation while we accompany our clients to achieve their goals. We will continue innovating and strengthening our position to provide the best to our investors”, said Juan David Correa, CEO of Protección, company that to this date has a constant growth in income and profits, is a leader in the administration of voluntary saving in Colombia and has over more than 8 million clients.


About Protección: 


Protección S.A. is an expert company in savings and investments, it has 30 years of experience in the administration of resources for more than 130 trillion pesos from 8,3 million clients of severances, and mandatory, voluntary pensions and over 73 thousand pensioners. The company has transcended in its category, dynamizing the businesses vision and the handling of assets destined towards mandatory pensions and severances, to take it to a next level implies the mobilization and management of savings to be an ally of its groups of interest with the purpose to accompany them in the fulfillment of their dreams and construction of their future.