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Recognitions that bear witness to our expert and responsible management

El Mercurio Inversiones recognized SURA as the best mutual fund administrator.


Salmón APV awards SURA first place in the category of Debt over 365 Days Fund, with a UF duration of less than 3 years, and second place in the category of Debt over 365 Days Fund, with a UF duration greater than 3 years.


MorningStar 2018 recognized the performance of Fondo SURA as the best Fixed Income administrator.


Premios Salmón Diario Financiero and LVA Índices recognized four funds managed by Administradora General de Fondos SURA: Seleccion Global, Estrategia Conservadora, and Renta Corporativa Largo Plazo obtained second place in their respective categories. The Renta Activa Chile Fund was recognized with the first place for its category.


Seguros de Vida SURA is recognized as the company with the best corporate reputation in the insurance business in the Merco Ranking.



Carried out by G de Gestión and El Dorado: Fondos SURA was recognized as the best Mutual Fund Administrator in the five categories in which it participated: - Very short-term income in Soles 2017 – Short-term income in Soles 2017 – Variable Income in Soles 2017 – Very short-term income Dollars 2017 – Short-term income Dollar 2017.