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42% of Chileans consider themselves happy today and 58% believe they will be happy in the future

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08 October 2018
 happiness study

According to the study "SURA Barometer of Happiness", Chile is the third country in Latin America with more people who consider themselves happy today, with 42%. In the measurement, 58% declare that they expect to be happy in the future, a figure that increases to 61% among young people between 18 and 35 years old.

According to the study, which analyzed more than 17,000 online surveys in eight countries - Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and El Salvador, as well as the United States and Spain - the current level of happiness declared by Chileans increases among men ( 45%) and those over 35 (45%).

According to the research, which had the support of Tal Ben-Shahar, a prominent philosopher and psychologist at Harvard University, and was developed by SURA Asset Management and Merlin Research, the most important dimensions to be happy among Chileans are economic security, with 33%, the family, with 30%, and health, with 23%. 

Additionally, the survey points out that for Chileans, love ranks above the Latin American average as a factor that generates happiness, with 22%, while the average in the region is 19%.

These elements vary significantly according to age. For example, among millennials, the most important dimension is family, with 35%, exceeding those over 35 to 54 years, who place family at 31% and those aged 55 who place family at 24%. In turn, those aged between 35 and 54 prioritize economic stability to achieve happiness, with 36%, and those aged over 55 emphasize health as the main dimension, with 31%.

"In order to accompany our clients throughout their lives and especially support them in the preparation of their future, we bring together knowledge and differentiating experiences that can contribute to their quality of present and future life. 

Within this context, we wanted to know the levels of happiness and well-being in Latin America, as well as the factors that influence the construction of a happy life," explained María Ana Matthias, regional marketing manager of SURA Asset Management.

However, the perception of well-being -understood as the balance between physical, mental, emotional and financial health- is lower than happiness in Chile, which reaches only 33%. Although this figure is similar in the whole region, averaging 34%, Chile even surpasses the inhabitants of the United States and Spain, who declare welfare levels of 29% and 27%, respectively.

For Tal Ben-Shahar, our country could lead a model of happiness to be followed by other countries, since "Chile has general high levels of happiness, the economic stability and love being two elements that stand out in its construction happiness. However, this high level of development and economic stability must continue to grow hand in hand with levels of happiness, mainly among young people who are the least happy, according to the survey. He added that for this "it is decisive to return to the old values, such as family, relationships and attitude towards life, and preserve them."

Main Findings Latin America:

•    In Latin America, happiness increases with age. 31% of regional millennials claim to be happy compared to 50% of people over 55.
•    There are high expectations about the future. 57% of Latin Americans believe they will be happy in the future compared to only 20% who maintain their perception of low happiness.
•    There is a low perception of well-being in the region. Only 3 out of 10 Latin Americans consider themselves as having a high level of well-being.
•    Key to happiness according to men and women. Latin American women mention family and love relationships while men mention more the labor and economic welfare.

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