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Affiliation process for employers: do you know it well?

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15 June 2019
Affiliation process for employers: do you know it well?

• New affiliates will pay a 0% rate over the salary and 0.82% over the fund. Said benefit also applies to old affiliates who belong to the mixed commission.
• According to the PFA Association, 8 out of 10 Peruvian dependent formal workers choose the Private Pension System.

As it was announced last December, a new affiliation period began on June 1st. In that matter, those new workers who opt to the Private Pension System will automatically be AFP Integra’s affiliates, up until May 31st 2021. 

This change could raise questions amongst employers, who are responsible for affiliating their new collaborators. To clarify the possible doubts, AFP Integra has summarized in simple steps the process of affiliation of a new worker:

First: It is necessary for the employer to have an account in AFPnet, a portal that allows affiliation and payment of contributions. Registration is a simple procedure that requires filling and sending the requested documentation through the same web page. The AFP Integra website offers a direct link to this portal.

Second: Once the company is registered in the portal, it will be able to initiate the process of affiliation of its workers. AFPnet offers 2 ways to affiliate them:
•    Masively: Filling an Excel template (which can be found both on the AFPnet website and in the AFP Integra website) with some basic information about the workers. Once the template is complete, it must be entered in the option "Mass Affiliation" of the AFPnet portal.  
•    Individually: Enter the data of the person in the option "Individual affiliation". In this case, it is not necessary to fill out the Excel template, since the registration is for each new worker.  

How is the payment made? 

The declaration and payment of contributions are made through the AFPnet portal. The employer has at his disposal three options to carry them out: 
1.    Online payment: For which it will need to manage with the bank the option of the online payment.
2.    Payment at the bank: Having generated a payment ticket through the AFPnet portal.
3.    Online, through the bank’s webpage: Only if the bank has an agreement with AFPnet. 

AFPnet will prepare the payment forms, automatically placing each worker in the corresponding AFP and calculating each contribution.

Terms and considerations

It is important to remember that after the month worked by each worker, the company must declare and / or pay through AFPnet within the first 5 working days of the following month. If this is not done, the moratorium interest established by the SBS will be applied. AFP Integra has enabled a section that allows the calculation of this interest, located in the "Payments and Collections" button on its website. 
If the company cannot make the payment of the forms on time, it is necessary to submit a Declaration without Payment (DSP) within the term of the law (until the 5th useful day of the following month) through AFPnet. In this way, it is possible to access an extension in the term of payment and a discount in interest arrears. 

The delay in the payment of the withheld contributions will imply that a collection process will be automatically initiated by SBS regulations. This can be administrative or judicial, depending on the length of time the payment is extended, as well as the compliance of the company with submitting a DSP. 

Important benefit for affiliates

It should be noted that the projection of prices of the mixed commission, estimated by the SBS, projected to reach a commission of 0% in the flow component for 2023, a time that AFP Integra shortened by raising a commission of 0% on salary ( flow) and 0.82% on the pension fund (balance) in the December 2018 tender.


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