Frequently asked questions

SURA Asset Management is the leading company in Pensions in Latin America, specialized in Savings and Investment, with operations in Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Peru, Mexico and Uruguay.

is a SURA Group subsidiary, its holding or parent company, one of the soundest and most important companies in Latin America, with more than 70 years of experience in banking, insurance, pension, savings and investment, present in several financial markets.

SURA Asset Management was created in 2011 as a SURA Group subsidiary, within the scope of the purchase of ING assets in the Pension, Life Insurance and Investment Funds businesses in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay, purchase that was completed on December 29, 2011, for US$ 3.6 billion.

In addition to SURA Group, SURA Asset Management has three minority shareholders, namely, Bolivar Group, Bancolombia Group and Wiese Group.

An AFP (Pension Fund Managing Company) is a private company whose exclusive business objective is that of managing the Pension Funds of affiliates and granting retirement, disability and survival pensions. In Mexico, these companies are called AFORE (Pension Funds Managing Companies), and in Uruguay, AFAP (Pension Fund Savings Managing Company).

Fees and commissions are the only income that AFP´s have. The amount of the fees and commissions is freely set by the AFP and may be established as a fixed sum or as a percentage of the contribution, or a combination of both.

We know that your life is full of dreams, that you have thousands of projects and that your retirement pension seems to be far-away goal. However, getting ready for your pension could be the most important savings of all.

Your mandatory savings account represents a simple and automatic method to build your future pension. When used properly, it will allow you to live more quietly, knowing that your future wellbeing is guaranteed.

A stock is an investment in a company. When purchasing a stock, a shareholder (the owner of that stock) becomes the owner of a share of said company.

These investments bear a related risk that will depend on a number of factors: Company performance, economic, financial, political factors, etc. Said factors impact on the price of stock, and may make their price rise or drop.

An investment fund or mutual fund is an investment alternative consisting in putting together contributions of different people, individuals or legal entities in order to invest them in different financial instruments as allowed by law. Such responsibility is delegated to a managing company that may be a bank or a financial institution.

Investor’s profile is information that allows obtaining a relative risk level which a person would be comfortable with when investing, one matching the individual’s objectives and personal conditions. These profiles are classified as Active, Moderate or Conservative.

Active: you consider yourself bold, aware of how market changes can affect you, but you like taking big risks in order to get high returns in a very short term.

Moderate: you are typically cautious but, at the same time, you are willing to take small risks when increasing your return on investment. Losses do not scare you, and you may economically be the most stable.

Conservative: you prefer choosing investment products that have a lower risk and offer a moderate but stable return. You have the advantage of feeling no pressure when saving in the long term, but the disadvantage of not being able to wait for your savings to have a quick increase.